Daesh Capable of Building Heat Seeking Land-Air Weapons

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

6th January, 2016


The terrorist group “Islamic State” (IS, prohibited in Russia) capable of producing weapons capable of shooting down a passenger airliner and military aircraft, as well as to create booby-trapped cars controlled remotely, according to TV channel Sky News.

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According to the channel, scientists and military experts working for the group in the city of Raqqa, the “capital” of ISIL in Syria, could make an improvised thermal batteries for missiles of the class “earth – air” which allows them to design warheads of missiles with thermal homing.

In the videos included in the report of the channel, it is clear that currently the insurgents can re-build thousands of rockets, written off by Western governments as obsolete. It was noted that the warheads with thermal homing can be used to commit attacks on passenger and military aircraft, possessing up to 99% guidance accuracy.

As was written by the Independent with reference to experts, terrorist groups have long had access to such weapons, however, the storage and the creation of the heat accumulator necessary for the operation of missiles is very difficult without the existence of certain scientific knowledge.

In addition, the video shows experiments with a booby-trapped car, driven remotely. Driving the car is a mannequin.

The terrorist group “Islamic State” today is one of the major threats to global security. For three years the terrorists managed to capture significant territory in Iraq and Syria, and are trying to extend their influence in North Africa, particularly in Libya. According to various estimates, ISIS controlled territory reaches 90 thousand square kilometers.

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