Drunk American Mercenaries Misbehaving in Mariupol


January 9, 2016


Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

American mercenaries fighting on the side of Kiev in Donbass, are getting drunk in the bars of Mariupol and harass the locals, reported during a briefing in Donetsk the deputy commander of Donetsk Republic Ministry of Defense corps Eduard Basurin.

According to him, Ukrainian soldiers are frequent ‘clients’ of hospitals after drunken fights.

“In the city of Mariupol, 17 private military contractors were spotted drinking at the bowling-club “Port City”. Presumably, the citizens of the United States. They spoke English, had American insignia. The men exuded the most arrogant features of the American nation. After leaving the establishment this group of individuals  sought to provoke the local population to an altercation.

According to reports, after the New Year’s holidays medical institutions of Ukraine received more than 300 Ukrainian soldiers, most of them with mental disorders and infectious diseases caused by unsanitary and inhumane conditions of living on the front line. A lot of soldiers had facial fractures and gunshot wounds resulting from drunken disputes”, — Basurin declared.

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