Dusseldorf Residents Form Anti-immigrant Militia

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Maja Hitij / DPA / Global Look

January 8, 2016

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus for Fort Russ


After attacks on women committed in Cologne on New Year’s eve the inhabitants of Düsseldorf decided to organize patrols to protect the cities from migrants, reported on Friday Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

For this purpose the activists created a group on Facebook, which, according to the publication, already has more than 3.3 thousand members. The description of the group noted that members must  patrol the streets of Düsseldorf on weekends and during major events, to “show their presence” and make “the city safer for our women.”

Meanwhile, local police is skeptical with regard to the activists. “The monopoly on power belongs to the state (…) Criminal prosecution is not a function of citizens”, — said a spokesman for the Dusseldorf police.

“T-online” notes that at the moment the group on Facebook is made up of a large number of radicalized citizens, but this is not the first attempt by the right to pit the society against migrants.

After the riots in Cologne police received 170 complaints, 117 of them referred to cases of sexual violence. As reported by the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany Tobias Plate, the identity of 32 rioters was established: 29 of them are migrants with a residence permit in Germany, 18 people have a refugee status.

Similar incidents have occurred on New Years in the German cities of Hamburg and Stuttgart. Violence and harassment by migrants was also experienced by women from the Swiss Zurich and Austrian Salzburg.

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