Dutch PM: Ukraine-EU Association Has Nothing To Do With Membership

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January 8, 2016

Translated by Kristina Rus


Prime Minister of the Netherlands has urged citizens to support the Association with Ukraine: It has nothing to do with EU membership

The Dutch authorities are seriously concerned that the population may fail the Association of Ukraine with the EU and can bury all the efforts of the European puppets of the US on distancing the ex-Soviet republic from the Russian Federation. The leaders of this country are forced to do everything possible not to be accused of inaction or even supporting dumping Ukraine overboard. 

Therefore,  a referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is planned in April. This was announced by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

According to Rutte, the deal is only a trade agreement.

“I’m going to explain to people why we signed the agreement… we are a trading nation. We live by free trade agreements, and Ukraine is another example of this,” he said.

“People who want to vote against it think that this is the first step toward Ukraine’s membership in the EU. It has nothing to do with membership,” – added Rutte.

The Prime Minister stressed that all the Dutch government supports the agreement with Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Bert Koenders said that the agreement serves the interests of the Dutch security sector, helping to stabilize the Eastern neighbourhood of the EU, and that it is “important for both our (Dutch and Ukrainian) economy.”

“We will actively pursue a positive response,” he informed Koenders.

Whether the campaign convert the shrewd Dutch, however, is a very big question. We will remind, the initiative in support of a referendum to counter the signing of the Association agreement with Ukraine scored a record number of signatories, exceeding the minimum several times.

Meanwhile the experts pay careful attention to how people’s Maidan authorities delightfully lied to its citizens about the Association.

“Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands urged their citizens to support Association with Ukraine at a referendum. And just think about his motive! Quote: “People who intend to vote against, think that this is the first step toward Ukraine’s membership in the EU. But it has nothing to do with membership”.

Surprise! Now let us remember that for many years Ukrainian politicians – all kinds of Poroshenkos, Yatsenyuks, Lutsenkos and the entire Maidan as a whole – brainwashed the gullible Ukrainians. “The signing of Association Agreement – is the first step towards full membership of Ukraine in EU” – they kept saying.

So who’s lying? The Dutch Prime Minister or the leaders of Maidan Ukraine? Or is there one truth for EU residents and another for the gullible Ukrainians?”, – sarcastically remarked Donetsk historian and political analyst Vladimir Kornilov. 


Kristina Rus: Meanwhile Ukrainian citizens don’t deserve to decide their own fate on a referendum, a violent coup and a civil war will do.

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