Finnish Journalist: The Outcome of Donbass Affects the Whole World

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

16th January, 2016


European media coverage of the conflict in  Donbass is not objective enough, said Finnish journalist Janus Putkonen. According to him, foreign journalists need to “collect the truth” and bring it to  the people.

The outcome of the conflict in the Donbass region affects the developments around the world, said Finnish journalist, Director of agencies News DONi and DONi Press Janus Putkonen on Friday at a press conference in Lugansk.


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Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic, Vasily Nikitin, told RIA Novosti that to break through the information blockade in LPR they plan to hold a “round table” with participation of foreign journalists on the topic of information war, waged against republics.

“After I wrote many articles on the topic of Donbass, and when I came to Donbass and saw everything with my own eyes, I realized that very little is being done and there is so much more to do. I believe that here, in Donbass, the future is laid not only across Europe, but also across mankind as a whole. I realized how events will develop in Donbass, as they will develop throughout the world,” said Putkonen.

According to him, in Europe, the conflict in Donbass is not quite clear, as European media do not report it objectively enough. “Unfortunately, the sad truth is that Europe actually does’t quite understand this conflict, and he is covered… As was shown by last summer, Donbass is almost non-existent in the eyes of the international community. The freezing of the conflict means that everyone has forgotten about it”, said the journalist.

Putkonen said that foreign journalists must “develop the truth”, to bring it to people and “support the movement of peace for Donbass”.

The authorities of Ukraine in April 2014 began a military operation against the self-proclaimed LPR and DPR. According to the United Nations, victims of the conflict are more than 9 thousand people. The settlement of the situation in the Donbass region is being discussed, including during meetings in Minsk the contact group, which since September 2014, has already produced three documents governing the steps to de-escalate the conflict, including a ceasefire. However, after the armistice agreements between the parties to the conflict, military exchanges continue.

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