First Volunteer Battalion Formed in North Ossetia

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

11th January, 2016


Now is the time to speak the truth, openly and boldly.

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And we don’t need to shy away from an honest look at the current situation, when there is a growing threat that will soon affect everyone and can make life in the country impossible, if not to eliminated and Russia isn’t protected.

We anxiously look at the terrible destruction suffered by Syria, Libya, Iraq, largely deprived of its sovereignty, Ukraine. As a result of the color revolutions, encouraged from outside, on the vast expanses of the earth, ordinary people have to face difficulties they are not able to cope with.

Now already, it has become clear that our country has prepared something similar and, unfortunately, it’s not mere speculation but a proven fact. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The opposition coalition PARNAS publicly declared a statement of intent to “raise the wave of change” in Russia for foreign sponsors. In fact, they create actions intended against our state’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Our civic duty is to protect ordinary people from the horrors and shocks of this “pseudowave of change.” The regional office of the movement “Essence of Time”, headed by Alan Mamiev, and the labor movement “Steel” under the leadership of Deputy of Assembly of representatives of Vladikavkaz of the VI convocation Alexander Hugati, became allies in achieving this goal by forming, on January 5th, the first volunteer battalion “Alaniya”, which, as “the breakwater” will break all attempts of the coalition to raise the PARNAS “protest wave”.

– The head of the regional branch of the movement “Essence of Time” by Alan Mamiev

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