Former Azov Nurse Busted by SBU for Terrorism

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

7th January, 2016


The security service of Ukraine arrested an opposition activist who had previously left Russia, Anastasia Leonov, who served in the “Azov” battalion as a medical instructor. Information about the location of the oppositionist in jail was circulated on Facebook by the journalist Eugene Lewkowicz.

As was reported by Lewkowicz, the staff of the SBU detained Leonov on the 10th of December on the way to work. The Russian oppositionist was charged “on suspicion of creating a terrorist group and organizing attacks aimed at causing significant harm, threats to the life and health of people and the intimidation of the population”.

“It’s a terrible mistake, hell, crap, it just can’t be… some phantasmagorical story took place in Kiev with our Anastasia Leonova. Anastasia stood with us at the Manezhnaya Square, participated in all our protests and anti-Putin rallies in Moscow, including in support of Ukraine and Maidan. Then she, understandably, left Russia, was a medical instructor in the battalion “Azov”, was rendered first aid in combat conditions. Then moved to Kiev,” wrote Levkovich on Facebook.

The journalist quoted a letter by Leonova, written in prison. In her letter she said that there were no grounds for her arrest. According to Leonova, the SBU had searched in her apartment, but found nothing illegal.

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“My belief that everything in life is given to us for a reason, flies to hell. For the life of me I can’t see what I should learn from this story. Why can’t I learn a valuable skill like shampooing in the sink or cooking soup in a kettle? Why should I sleep on a bunk, hugging a plastic bottle with boiling water, so as not to stiffen from cold? I’d like to sob loudly. It’s hellishly cold and hellishly lonely and I can’t be alone,” — says Leonov.

Anastasia Leonova participated actively in the protest actions of the opposition on Bolotnaya square, and has repeatedly spoken in support of Ukraine, speaking out against the current Russian government. In addition, she participated in the fighting in the South-East of Ukraine in the battalion “Azov”, where she served as a medical worker.

Anastasia Leonova (on the right)

The caption to the photo from Facebook Leonova: “The sweetheart messed up a little, was given an RPG. F$ck, what??”

Avatar Leonova on Facebook after the murder of Nemtsov

Recently the SBU significantly increased pressure on right-wing activists from the volunteer battalions. Together with Russian intelligence officers they detained a number of persons who are also charged with organizing terrorist activities.

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