Germany Bombs Sy-raq, Violates International Law

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

8th January, 2016


The German air force has began their operation in Syria and Iraq. This was reported by Spiegel, with reference to the Federal Ministry of Defence of Germany.

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According to a source, two Tornado fighters entered Syrian airspace and Iraq for two and a half hours. It was also reported that the German air forces involved in the operations are stationed in Turkey.

Reconnaissance aircraft are equipped with cameras that capture the position of militants of the “Islamic State”.

The start of the operation was ordered by Berlin in November after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris and the hostage-taking in Mali. These events forced Berlin to participate more actively in operations against ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia).

It is expected that operations will be initiated by the involvement of up to 1200 military troops.

Germany is conducting an operation in Syria as part of coalition led by the United States.

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