Hommage to the women of Donbass


Facebook post, preamble to his report in DONiPRESS Wives of volunteers, January 4, 2016

Translated from French by Tom Winter

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Women volunteers of Donbass: the lies of the Ukrainian and Western propaganda would have one forget that the Republican forces of Donbass are essentially local: miners, workers, students etc … and they have wives, companions, girlfriends. They are the essence of the resistance of the Donbass, the soul of the resistance, they said “amen!” to their husbands’ choice.

They’ve got their back, they go to the front. Hommage to these brave women, who in all dangers, in the toughest conditions, braving death, support this fight for freedom. In the worst case, if taken alive with an ostentatious symbol of the cause of Donbass, they would be defiled, as is the Ukrainian army habit wherever it occurs, including and especially among the neo-Nazi reprisal battalions .

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