Iran Captures American Pirates in the Gulf (VIDEO)


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

13th January, 2016


Iranian media has published a video filmed during the arrest of American sailors from two gunboats. The video footage shows the soldiers on their knees with their hands behind heads.

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The images have become an occasion for jokes in social networks. Some people have compared the time of arrest to the detention of Somalian pirates off the coast of Africa.

As a reminder, the Iranian authorities have released all ten sailors of the US Navy, who were detained for the violation of the maritime boundary in the Gulf after Tehran declared that the US ships had entered Iranian territorial waters due to a faulty navigation system.

The Pentagon reported that the boat steered a course from Kuwait to Bahrain, where communication with them was lost.

US Secretary of State John Kerry thanked the Iranian authorities for their cooperation in the release of the sailors.

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