Is the U.S. Navy Deployed for WW3?

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By Petri Krohn for Fort Russ

3rd January, 2016

I was shocked to see the latest map of the positions of the U.S. nuclear carrier fleet. In normal circumstances about half of the 10 Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carriers are out to sea, while the rest are in port or in maintenance. On December 31st only USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) is in the Persian Gulf waging the phoney war against ISIS. All other carriers are at their home ports or at dockyards for repairs and maintenance.

The U.S. carrier fleet is good for “power projection”, for waging neocolonial wars against third world countries. It is less useful against superpower enemies like Russia and China. In a hot war with Russia all U.S. carriers within striking distance from Russia would be sunk in the first hours of the war by Russian submarines or air-launched long-range missiles.

Is the U.S. saving its carriers by keeping them safely in port. Is the U.S. Navy preparing for World War 3?

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For comparison, see this map from November 20, 2015: five carriers are out to sea.

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