It’s getting colder in Kiev


TVzvezda, January 5, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter, January 6, 2015

The people of Kiev, from various parts of the Ukrainian capital, are massively filing complaints that their apartments are getting too cold. According to some people, the heating is even turned off. The site of the Kiev contact center has logged 125 complaints about abnormally low temperatures in residential areas.

“Today, January 5, 2016, the heat was off. Now the room temperature is 17 degrees [62º F]. And the temperature is falling. Please get going on solving this problem. In only a month I pay 1000 UAH for heat, and it’s 18 degrees [64º F] in the room. There is a question, what are they taking my money for? And how are they going to solve this problem?”- a message quoted by Ukrainian media from one outraged resident of a house on Obolonskiy Avenue.

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Other citizens reported that thermometers in their homes are at even lower levels: 15-14, and even 13 degrees Celsius [55º F].

Internet users have reported that companies serving their homes do not respond to requests nor to the message that there are children and elderly persons freezing. The situation does not change. At the same time the people of Kiev noted that they are paying a lot of money for heat: just for one-bedroom apartment in “Khrushchev” the rate is no less than 600 hryvnia, i.e. more than 1,800 rubles.

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