Lenin Lives!

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

27th January, 2016


During the night of 26th to 27th January 2016, an explosion in the center of Donetsk took place. The explosion occurred in the central square of the city: Lenin square. The press in Ukraine and their main bloggers have been quick to report the facts. According to their information, the monument to Lenin has been virtually demolished. Of course, none of them provided details, which is understandable.

I am not one to believe the words of the activists, Ukrainians, so I decided to check it with my own eyes. I have come to the place of the incident at nine in the morning. Workers of the city are already working, Interior ministry personnel, experts and the service of maintenance for monuments. From a distance, it was not possible to distinguish anything out of the ordinary. For a moment I thought it was another hoax, but when I got closer, I saw that fragments had been detached from the granite pedestal of the monument. But that is all. The monument is standing as it was before, it has not even suffered a scratch. Only the pedestal has suffered.

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On social networks rumors had been circulating that mentioned artillery, tanks, or howitzers in the area. Nothing of the sort. What you can see is nothing more than simple vandalism. Vandalism of limited success. The attempt at sabotage has failed.

Currently, the official communiqué of the People’s Republic of Donetsk have not published anything (since the articles publication, Eduard Basurin has confirmed the terrorist attack- FR). We will have to wait, but it is possible to assume that it is an improvised explosive device.

I don’t understand what they wanted to achieve with these acts of propaganda from fans of the Ukrainian authorities. If they wanted to demonstrate that there is a resistance movement in Donetsk, they have only shown that it is insignificant and incapable. The damage the monument of Lenin received is comparable with firecrackers. Yes, it is true, it would have to have been firecrackers of a large size; An elephant against a flea. They have not gotten what they wanted. The monument is still standing and will continue to stand. The explosion has once again proven that Donetsk is not Ukraine, where statues of Lenin are demolished before a crowd that cheers en masse. We have decided to honor the memory of our ancestors.

So remember, Ukraine: “People who have forgotten their history have no future.”

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