Limonov: “Accusations of Corruption Against Putin Are Part of US’ War Against Russia”

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th January, 2016


The BBC programme, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin was accused of corruption, is a part of the US war against Russia, said the writer Eduard Limonov on the air of “Russian news service”.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] has it all. If he wants a tank, clicks his fingers, he will get a tank or two, or three. He has it all. Why does he need to do these stupid things? A man who is in his third term in power for almost 16 years. Why would he get his hands dirty? This is part of the US war against us. As Putin is a head of the state, they hit him precisely. I seriously can not believe these charges, especially from the United States,” said Limonov.

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In his opinion, it is not worth responding to such a programme on the main person of the Russian state.

“Obama is lying every day, and he has a superficial face. I don’t need no comment. The dog barks — the wind carries. They have said nasty things about me  for decades and I’m alive, healthy, smiling, laughing,” he stated.

On 25th January, the TV channel “BBC” showed a half-hour film called “the Secret of Putin’s wealth” (Putin’s Secret Riches). In the programme the Deputy Minister of Finance of the USA, Adam Shubin, in particular, declared Putin corrupt without providing any proof.

In 2008, President Putin commented on the rumors about his wealth during the annual press conference.

“As for the eternal rumors about financial conditions, I looked at some of the reports on this subject. Just saying, there is nothing to discuss. Just nonsense! It’s been extracted from the nose and smeared on papers! That’s how I feel about this”, — said the head of state.

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