Maternity Capital Changes: The Details


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

6th January, 2016


The program of parent capital, extended by the President for another two years, received a number of changes that were introduced in the new year. What and when to use the tools required for young families at the birth of second and subsequent children? How much money is the state willing to allocate for these purposes, and how justified are these costs?

The news that the maternity capital program is to be extended is heavily discussed among young parents and those who are planning to become one. Who gets the payments? When? And is it possible to have time to have a second if the first has not yet appeared? These questions have been on the forums for over a month, but since then the President has addressed these in a federal meeting with the wish to extend the maternity capital program for at least another two years. The applause in the hall accompanied the unanimity of the deputies and senators in voting for the bill and approving comments from different cities of Russia.

So, payments will be those who are born second or a subsequent child until 31 December 2018. The spending of money will, as before, be on the improvement of housing conditions, child education, future pension for mom and (this year!) — for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

The eldest son of Elena has autism. In addition to the care and love of relatives, in order to adapt to life, he needs courses of psychological and pedagogical assistance. Now to work on compiling the list of goods and services on which to spend the money, they created a social organization. “A working group was created in order to elaborate on this list; these funds have brought strategic benefits to the families”, — said the Chairman of the Board of the Moscow City Association of parents of children-invalids and invalids since childhood, Yulia Kamal.

It should be noted that the use of capital in the case of disability will be possible without waiting until the child turns three years. Previously, such a rule operated only when it was about the loans for housing.

In Vasin family a housing issue was not a problem. But extra money helps when there is a new baby. The oldest Sasha, for now he  plays games on a computer but very soon promises to help mom and brother, knows what needs to be bought first. The opportunity to spend some of the money from the mothers capital on urgent needs has presented itself- it has recently emerged in the framework of an anticrisis plan. Families can receive 20 thousand roubles. But the petition must be submitted to the Pension fund before March 31 2016

Additionally, the program of the parent capital until 2018 will be allocated from the budget more than 800 billion rubles. But the fact that it is justified is proven in dry statistics. Olga Batalina, the Deputy Head of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans’ Affairs, said: “We have two years in a row of sustainable growth. It’s two years for the first time in more than 20 years of the modern history of Russia!”.

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