Moldova Protests Continue Into Third Day

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Fort Russ – 21st January, 2016


Dorin Golan/AFP

The protests in Moldova against the oligarchic regime continue. On Thursday, in Chisinau, rallies took place with thousands of participants of supporters of the civil action platform “Dignity and Truth” and of the Socialist Party and “Our Party”. Liberal pro-American and pro-European movement “Dignity and Truth” and the pro-Russian socialists and supporters of the “Our Party” held a joint march in the center of Chisinau.  They demanded the resignation of the illegitimate government and early elections. On the evening of 21st January, final negotiations took place between opposition leaders and Parliament Speaker Adrian Candu. It was decided that at 13.00hrs, January 22nd, Parliament should consider the possibility of canceling approval of the government of Pavel Filip. But even if that were to happen, the basic contradictions between the government and the protesters will remain.

The revolutionary situation

The legitimacy of the hastily approved government at an emergency session of parliament is close to zero. Voting took place in violation of all possible procedures. The approval rating of oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, who is the main figure behind the government, is nearly in the negative.

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International reaction

The president of Romania manifested his unconditional support for the government formed in Chisinau. Representatives of Romanian and Western media since the beginning of protests have supported the government while accusing the protesters to be the “hand of Moscow”. Later, however, they slightly adjusted their position. Russia called for a peaceful and democratic solution to the crisis.

The United States puts stake on the government and the opposition

Shortly before the joint action of the socialists, “Our Party” and “Dignity and Truth” and the leader of the Socialist Party, Igor Dodon, held talks with the Ambassador of the United States. Liberal NGO “Amnesty International” supported the protesters in Moldova, condemning the government’s actions. The radio station “Free Europe”, funded by the United State, showed a loyal attitude to the protests.


Upon further continuation of protests, the United States will try to support the liberal part of the protesters, thereby rebooting the Euro-Atlantic vector of Moldova through the mechanism of early elections. Americans will  put a stake on all the parties in conflict to win the situation.

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