Montenegro Rebels Against NATO and Đukanović

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th January, 2016


Since the autumn of 2015, Montenegro has been restless. The mass protests outside the government building in Podgorica have not subsided. The situation in the country is heating up with each passing day. The discontent of the people has accumulated over the years, and the patience of Montenegrins has turned into a crackdown on “democratic-civilized” rallies against the country’s entry into NATO at the end of October.

Over the past 24 hours in Podgorica, anti-government demonstrations have been chanting the slogans: “Montenegro against NATO and European integration“, “Traitor Milo Đukanović, need to overthrow the government,” “We love Russia and Putin“, reports News Front.

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Residents of Podgorica, in their majority, are against the membership of Montenegro in NATO, the country’s integration into Europe, as well as the current government headed by Milo Djukanovic,who pushed for the Alliance and pushes for Europe, not reacting to the opinions of his people. In addition, activists insist that Montenegro should change the course towards Russia and advocate a military and economic union with Russia.

On January 24th, residents of Podgorica held an anti-government rally at the Parliament building at the same time Milo Djukanovic was holding a meeting.

The demonstration was held with the slogans: “Montenegro against NATO and European integration“, “the Traitor Milo đukanović, need to overthrow the government,” “We love Russia and Putin“, “We — the nightmare of Euroregio đukanović“.

It is noteworthy that when they began to broadcast the speech of the Prime Minister before the rest of the government, the crowd heard his voice and started to rebel even more. While Djukanovic spoke at the meeting, activists chanted “Milo – thief!”.

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