Netherlands Accuses Ukraine of Committing a Crime in Regards to MH17

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th January, 2016


Ukraine has been directly accused of a crime at the inquest of the downed Boeing-777 in Donbass. This was stated by the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov.

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A leading global expert in the field of civil aviation security, the head of the flight safety Foundation’s, David McMillan, who until recently was Director General of Eurocontrol, on the eve of the conference in the Dutch Parliament stated that “the fact that the security Council of Ukraine were not given records of the air traffic controller that guided the Boeing during the attack, according to his statement, was a serious crime”, said Kornilov, according to the newspaper De Telegraaf.

According to McMillan, the actions of Kiev must be punishable by the criminal laws of the Netherlands, who officially, with the permission of Ukraine, are investigating the accident.

“I, immediately after the disaster, warned the Ukrainian side that their demand to establish an international Tribunal for Boeing will definitely turn against them,” Kornilov wrote on Facebook.

Recall that the “Malaysian airlines” Boeing-777 plane crashed in Eastern Ukraine in the summer of 2014. 298 people were onboard.

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