New politporn roles for the “I am Ukrainian” star: “I Am an OSCE Observer”


Satire by Florian SCHAAR,
In Allgemeine Morgenpost Rundschau, December 8, 2015

Translated from German by Tom Winter, January 1, 2016

Julia Marushevska, the face of the Maidan-2013 Revolution in Ukraine, is further expanding her portfolio.

As has become known, she now does her political porn for the internationally renowned label “National Endowment for Democracy” (NED), which mainly produces strips for the Hong Kong and Venezuelan market. The desire of Iraqis, Afghans, Haitians and Libyans to get political pornography adapted to their markets, has not yet been answered.

The NED is known for particularly hard core politporn and the massive prostitution of desperate people in the poor countries of the world. As the label did in 2012 with the viral video “Kony 2012” advertising for child soldiers and civil war in Africa. In an interview Marushevska expressed her intentions, why she appears for the controversial label:

Marushevska clarified her awareness of being an admirer of American democracy and her wanting this system for her homeland. Here she can perfectly make promotionals for it. 

In particular, people in Ukraine, too, can be shot from racist motives, right in the street, by a democratic regime, and gay cinemas can be Molotoved.

As in the US, where no congressman has less than 100 million dollars to his name, the governorships in Ukraine after the revolution were awarded directly to oligarchs. During the Maidan revolution the errant Yanukovych repeatedly had unarmed policemen patrolling among the demonstrators, who were fueled by the peaceful demonstrators with the Molotov cocktails. 

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The new Ukrainian government is already in talks with US advisors about the future use of armored vehicles and snipers in unmarked uniforms on pro-Russian demonstrations, as in Ferguson. Then one could also blame the dead victims on Putin, as military equipment without markings has to come from the Russians.

Marushevska harped publicly on the low-budget production levels,  as being a far cry from US standards. Also many more people would have to be imprisoned. Here again, the United States shows the way, as it holds 25% of the world’s prison population.

In her most recent video, Marushevska plays a young Ukrainian woman who […] gets a promotion to OSCE observer. 

In this role, she uncovers numerous crimes in eastern Ukraine, among other things, how the separatists are throwing helpless infants from incubators, eating grilled Ukrainian fetuses raw, and hiding the children in bunkers and basements before their destruction by democratically legitimized freedom bombers. In between there are all kinds of hard scenes, that would cause every earnest human to lose their breakfast.

The film with the title “I Am an [OSCE] Observer” should once again challenge credibility with linguistic inaccuracies in the title.

The film is not only a plea for more violence in homes and streets of the Ukraine, but also the desire for renewal of the archaic methods of torture that are coming back into use in Ukraine. So the film features a very hot scene “Waterboarding Without Condom” on one of the eastern Ukrainian separatists. It will also be an ad for Made in USA modes of modern torture.

The Russian Punk band Pussy Riot was to appear in the film as special guest stars. Unfortunately, no agreement could be reached on content, since the Russian band, winner of the Hannah Ahrendt Prize, insisted on first demonstrating sex with frozen chickens.*
*Link in original not shared here!

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