No permission sought, none given: new US airbase in Syria anyway

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Rmeilan, site of the newest US airbase, is at upper right, between “M4” and the red-circled “1” in this map.

NEWSFRONT, January 21, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

The US is building an airbase in Syria without any okay from Damascus.

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The upgrading of an abandoned airbase is going on right now in northeastern Syria, on territory controlled by Kurdish Peoples Defence units. Yesterday American experts started to prepping the runways and other key infrastructure for a new air base.

However, all these activities are not consistent with the official authorities: Damascus has not given Washington permission.

Reporters have noted the fact that US cooperation with the Kurds in the fight against the IS terrorist group is already causing a lot of questions. Furthermore, it has become certain that the Kurdish units that are in the Syrian Democratic Forces, are often in contact with the Americans, giving them targets for US airstrikes.

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