Obama’s “Ukraine is a Client State of Russia” Comment Confuses Americans


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

13th January, 2016


The words of US President Barack Obama, who called Ukraine a “client state” of Russia, have caused confusion in the United States.

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In his annual address to Congress, Obama said that despite the decline in the economy, “Russia sends resources to maintain Ukraine and Syria – to clients” who “escape from its orbit of influence.” The word “client” is not in the text of a speech released before its beginning, and thus was improvised by the president.

Obama thinks that Ukraine is a “client state” of Russia? No wonder he does not deliver Kiev defensive weapons,” – Twitter columnist for The Washington Post Jackson Diehl wrote.

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer called the statement of Obama on the support of Ukraine a “strange phrase.” “Rather, Moscow directs resources to destabilize Ukraine“, suggested Pifer.

The head of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Andrew Weisse suggested that Obama was referring to Russia’s support being present with the previous government of Ukraine headed by President Viktor Yanukovych. Weiss believes that Ukraine being a “client state” could be when Ukraine, in 2014, borrowed $15 billion from Russia.

Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam criticized Obama for his lack of understanding of international politics. “When our friend and ally in Ukraine is called a “client state” of Russia, it is an alarming sign that there is no understanding of the geopolitical realities,” – said Roskam on Twitter.

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