Panic in Latvia: Trump Will Hand Ukraine, Syria and the Baltics to Putin

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January 7, 2016

Rovego @Live Journal

Translated by Kristina Rus for Fort Russ

Hysteria about the possible choice of Americans in 2016 is gaining momentum in Latvia. A well-known Latvian politician and economist Uldis Osis said that if Trump wins the presidential elections, Washington will give the Baltics to Russia, along with Syria and Ukraine. Latvian politician hopes that “Americans don’t go mad”. But believes that, most likely, they will. Trump, he says, has already promised that he will give Putin the Baltic states…

Popular Latvian economist and publicist Sergei Vasiliev commented on the fears of Baltic politicians regarding the possibility of Trump’s victory at the upcoming presidential election in the United States, writes

“Latvian nationally-bruised ‘patriots’ are afraid of Trump. Not exactly Donald Trump, but his mood. And more precisely — not the mood, but his attitude towards dependents, which the Baltic States embody today entirely despite screaming about the incredible prosperity. In a word, Latvian Nazis are afraid that they will be handed to Putin. A gift, shall we say, for a fan…

The freebies, which shower the Baltic elites from the vaults of the State Department, rendered these elites so impotent in terms of independence and self-sufficiency that any rumor about the inevitable end of these freebies provokes horror, comparable only with religious horror of waiting for the end of the world. Yes, in fact, for them, it will be the end of the world, because, as my Pomeranian lying now on my lap, these pocket ‘lapdogs’ are absolutely not capable of  independent existence without sponsors.

But they are capable of realizing their own importance in global politics, embodying a sort of collective Vasisualy Lokhankin, juicily described by Ilf and Petrov [in their novel]. And this collective “Vasya” today suddenly thought of himself as a commodity, i.e. something that has intrinsic value which can be gifted away”, — said Vasilyev.

“By the way, I do not doubt for one second the ability of Americans to fully dispose of the fate of the Baltic States. If they feel like it — they can pawn it, or sell it. If they choose to — will lose it in poker. The point is different: how can this looted territory with people running away in all directions, but still led by elites, capable only of distributing EU funds and American grants, can be a gift?

In Russia we don’t know what to do with our own. And there are plenty of our own depressed regions. And that Latvia today is a depressed region, I am convinced every time when the pavement of Riga Avenue of Pskov city under the wheels of my car changes to potholes and pits of the Main street of the capital of ‘democratic’ Latvia with a proud name “Freedom street”… To gift this ‘joy’? M-m-m-m… it seems to me that this ‘gift’ can only be an accessory… Well, for example, to a pen or cufflinks… Although even in this form… Well, what kind of a gift is a fish of ‘second’ freshness? Or are there other opinions?” — the expert concludes.

We need more such experts. Harsh and uncompromising. And most importantly, calming the residents and the authorities of Latvia with a cold shower of truth.

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