Poland’s Blind Faith in U.S May Cause Warsaw to Follow Ukraine

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

14th January, 2016


Berlin made it clear to Warsaw that their patience has its limits. The correspondent of the Federal news agency spoke to an expert to find out what can result from legislative changes in Poland, where there is an attempt to put independent branches of government and the media into submission.

On the eve of the coalition formation between the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union in the German Parliament , Volker Kauder expressed the possibility of imposing economic sanctions against Poland if Warsaw continued to ignore European values and principles. Such a reaction was provoked by the decision of the Polish government, who passed a law that allows Warsaw to directly control state-owned media in Poland.

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According to Kauder, Poland should not ignore European law. He noted that in the case of violations by Poland, the EU should have the courage to impose sanctions Warsaw. Kauder expressed confidence that the European Commission is right to understand the situation with care.

According to German newspaper Der Spiegel, the new Polish government, in which the dominant role is played by the conservative party “Law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is beginning to change the laws in an accelerated pace, being pushed to please the constitutional court. In addition, a law was passed with an absolute majority in Poland that allows the Polish authorities to appoint people to positions in the dominant state media.

Columnist for “Russia today”, Rostislav Ishchenko, in an interview with the FAN, shared his opinion on the growing tension inside the European Union. According to him, the EC has no unified position on a major inside and  has foreign policy problems.

“Poland, led by a gang of Pro-American “new-europeans”, on almost every occasion comes into confrontation with the Franco-German “old Europe”. Not surprisingly, Berlin is gradually running out of patience and German politicians are starting to look for a way to guide Poland (and with it all “new-europeans”). I don’t think in this case, Germany can break the decision on sanctions. Especially since the situational coincidences with the interests of Warsaw and Budapest (both right-wing executives who control the Parliament, trying to gain control of not only the independent branch of government, but also the media, and to achieve their political monopoly),” – said Rostislav Ishchenko.

However, the expert noted, this is a clear message to Warsaw to understand that the patience of Berlin is running out. However, Ishchenko noticed, Poland traditionally ignores such warnings, which fall on deaf ears, hoping for protection from their “senior partners”.

“In 1939, when the “senior partner” was London, it ended tragically for Poland. It is unlikely that the poles will do the right thing, if you today believe similar safeguards from Washington. But Poland still believes in the USA. And this irrational faith can push Warsaw, along with other border states on the way of Ukraine (to the loss of statehood), and the will lead the EU to disintegration or reduction in size of 1990.

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