Poroshenko: “The Trident Will Return to Donbass and Crimea”

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

22nd January, 2016

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Ukraine can only be unitary, trident and yellow-blue flags will return to Donbass, to Crimea and Sevastopol. This was stated by Poroshenko in an address, published on the occasion of day of Catholicity.

Unity is the indivisible whole of all Ukrainian lands, which once belonged to different empires, and now is united in an independent European Ukrainian state.

Catholicity is a big happy family for all citizens of Ukraine.

We speak Ukrainian, Russian, Crimean Tatar and other languages, but this only consolidates the state — the Ukrainian…

We have a common enemy, and the purpose is common, I’ll never forget that surge of Ukrainian patriotism, which I saw with my on eyes — the showing of blue-yellow in Donetsk during Euro 2012. These colors along with the Trident will return to its rightful and natural place in Donetsk and Lugansk, Simferopol and Sevastopol…

Catholicity, dear compatriots, it is also unitary structure of the state. There is a categorical ban on the import of destructive and unacceptable ideas of Federalism for Ukraine…

The restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine is our main priority. Such daunting tasks as the return to Ukraine of Donbass and the de-occupation of Crimea, we plan to solve primarily politically, diplomatically and within international legal means, whilst strengthening the country’s defense capacity and our Armed Forces.

Only a strong national army can be the guarantor of the unity, independence, integrity. Now we have this kind of army, I am proud of countrymen, and which respects even the enemy respects… because he is afraid,” — said Poroshenko.

The holiday “Day of unity” was introduced by Leonid Kuchma in 1999. Kuchma took this step when he ran for a second term and planned on relying on the votes of the West (the East back then were “kept” by the Communists).

The new holiday is tied to the events of early 1919. Then, during the chaos of Civil war, the merger of two states was announced: Ukrainian National Republic and Western Ukrainian People’s Republic. These two formations were soon gone. The red army entered the UPR, and ZUNR was divided between Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia.

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