Putin, “Lion and Defender” in Syria

Latakia “bumper sticker”

TVzvezda, January 8, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

The Syrians have proclaimed Putin “lion and defender” in the belief that he will bring peace to their country, said Russian Spring.

Zeinab is a town not far from Damascus. There, two years ago, fierce battles were fought. The Salafists fired on it until the government was able to conclude a truce with them. There is also the mausoleum of Seyyids Zeinab, revered among Shiites. ISIS terrorists have repeatedly fired on the mosque, named in honor of his holiness.

After years of shelling, the city is in complete ruin, but now it is gradually coming back. Locals speak of the Russian President with gratitude and hope that he will bring peace and calm to their land.

“You know, Vladimir Putin – he came here as our savior and protector! We call him Haydar, Lion – the nickname of our Imam Ali,” say residents of Zeinab.

At the entrance to the city there is a poster depicting the Russian President, along with Shiite leaders – Syrian President Bashar Assad and the head of the “Hezbollah” movement, Hassan Nasrallah.

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