Ray McGovern: “U.S’ Surveillance of Europeans Does Not Help in the Fight Against Terrorism”

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany
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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

31st January, 2016

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Over the past few years activists have released thousands of documents proving that the National Security Agency of the U.S has been collecting information from Europeans and listening in on the phones of politicians. However, as was stated by former CIA officer Ray McGovern, the information collected by U.S. intelligence agencies does not help in preventing a terrorist attack.

In the Committee on National Security of the United States, Senate declared that the EU should cease to criticize Washington for espionage.

“After the incident with Edward Snowden, delegations from Europe are came to us, and complained that America is spying on their countries. Like in “Casablanca”, remember? When he says: “I’m shocked!” After the terrorist attacks in Paris we didn’t hear such statements anymore. After Charlie Hebdo, too,” — said the Chairman of the Committee on national security of the U.S. Senate Ron Johnson.

Information about espionage activities of the United States appeared in the public domain almost three years ago. Thousands of published documents revealed NSA’s methods: from the mass collection of personal data in the network to listening to the phones of European leaders.

According to former CIA officer Ray McGovern, the action in the fight against terrorism is ineffective. “This spying is dictated solely by the desire to collect any information and is indicative of a certain level of technological development. The American authorities have no system for selecting truly necessary information. In the end we get a proverbial haystack in which it is very difficult to find the needle. Their methods do not work. I can’t believe that Europeans do not understand it,” said a former employee of U.S. intelligence.

According to him, the CIA could find a recording of conversations that led the terrorists staging the attacks in Brussels and Paris, but the Bureau would not be able to identify them in a timely manner.

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