Russia Completes 157 Sorties, Destroying 579 Terrorist Objects


Fort Russ – 19th January, 2016

Ministry of Defence Facebook page

In the course of the last four days, aircraft of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic have performed 157 combat sorties engaging 579 objects of terrorists’ infrastructure in the provinces of ‪Aleppo‬, ‪Raqqah‬, ‪Latakia‬, ‪Homs‬, ‪Hama‬ and Deir ez-Zor.

Near the ‪Kabaklia‬ inhabited area (Latakia province), a Su-34 bomber made an airstrike on the ISIS militants’ strong points located on high points. The direct hits eliminated 4 SUVs with large-caliber machine guns and about 20 militants.

After the Syrian governmental forces had liberated the ‪Salma‬ settlement (Latakia province), militants’ activity in the mountainous area of Jabal al-Akrad has decreased.

Mass desertion and evasion of military actions by the whole units are observed. Thus, an illegal armed group of the field commander “Ibn Khaldun” (about 30 men strong) deserted from positions in full squad.

In the suburbs of Tall Rifat (Aleppo province), a Su-25 attack aircraft eliminated a militants’ depot with ammunition and armaments. Objective monitoring registered detonation of explosives and total destruction of the building with all its contents.

Near ‪Ahras‬ inhabited area (Aleppo province), on one of the highways, air reconnaissance detected 6 automobile columns with militants heading from the Turkish border to the Aleppo city. As a result of a bomb strike carried out by Su-34 bombers, over 20 cross-country vehicles with armament and militants were eliminated.

Near Narb-Nafsa (Hama province), direct hits of air bombs dropped from a Su-25 attack aircraft destroyed 5 militants’ SUVs with large-caliber machine guns and mortars on them.


Command of the Russian air group continues cooperating with formations of the Syrian patriotic opposition which are fighting against the ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groupings.

Several days ago, one of detachments of the Syrian patriotic opposition gave coordinates of an ISIS field camp near the Kissin settlement (Homs province).

After additional reconnaissance check of the area by UAVs and through the Information centre in Baghdad, the target was engaged by a Su-25 attack aircraft which destroyed the field camp.

Having no opportunity to stop the offensive of the governmental troops, terrorists are using provocative artillery fire from guns and mortars against inhabited areas for further accusations of the Syrian governmental troops.

Thus, terrorist organizations Ahrar ash-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra conducted missile and artillery attacks on al-Fuah and Kafr Haya (Idlib province). Such attacks on peaceful inhabited areas and acts of intimidation are detected in other provinces, where terrorists are retreating under offensive of governmental troops or patriotic opposition forces.

Near al-Baghiliyah (Deir ez-Zor province), where the ISIS militants performed a massive execution of about 300 civilians in order to frighten citizens a day ago, a Russian Su-34 bomber made a strike on terrorists’ strong points. Direct hits caused elimination of 3 heavy vehicles with ZU-23 systems, 2 off-roaders with heavy weapons and more than 60 terrorists. 


Within the operation aimed at elimination of terrorists’ sources of income, the Russian aircraft have eliminated a large POL storage and oil pumping station in the Raqqah province in the course of the last four days.

Moreover, near Harbul (Aleppo province), a column of trucks transporting oil products in direction of the Turkish border was detected in the course of aerial reconnaissance operation. Strikes of a Su-24 bomber resulted in elimination of 23 oil trucks with all their contents.


Command staff of the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic continues performing humanitarian operation on delivering products and articles of first necessity to regions, which had been blocked by terrorists.

Therefore, yesterday more than 40 tons of humanitarian cargos were projected to Deir ez-Zor and other blocked regions.

The cargos contained boxes with dry ration, which had been provided by the Russian Defence Ministry, and other food products provided by government of the Syrian Arab Republic.

All the humanitarian cargo was loaded onto P-7 parachute systems by the Russian servicemen from the Hmeymim airbase and transported by an aircraft of the Syrian military-transport aviation.

According to reports from settlements to the Syrian government, all cargos were received and delivered to the citizens.

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