Russia Laughs off Turkey’s Claims of an Airspace Violation


Fort Russ – 30th January, 2016

Ministry of Defence Facebook page

Aircraft of the Russian air group in Syria have not breached the air space of Turkey.

Russian Ministry of Defence comments on the declarations concerning alleged breach of the Turkish air space by the aircraft of the Russian air group in Syria.

There have not been any violation of the air space of Turkey by the aircraft of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Declarations of the Turkish party concerning the alleged fact of such breaching of the air space by a Russian Su-34 aircraft – is propaganda unsupported by evidence.

Even the Turkish air defence specialists know that radar stations, which control the air space, can register only altitude, heading and speed of an object in the air.

No one of such radars can define the type and the state affiliation of an air object to Russia or the so-called “anti-ISIS coalition” led by the USA”.

That is possible only by means of visual contact established from another aircraft which was abcent.

It is flatly stated that neither Russian air defence means in Syria, nor the Syrian air traffic control radars have not registered breaching of the Syrian-Turkish border.

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