Russian Deputy PM Presents Serbian PM With a Model of S-300


January 11, 2016

Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin presented the prime minister of Serbia Alexander Vucic with a model of anti-aircraft missile system S-300, reported RIA Novosti. On his page on Facebook he explained the meaning of this gift.

Дмитрий Рогозин и Александр ВучичRogozin stressed that this is “only a gift”. “S-300, by the way, is a useful thing in the household,” – wrote later the Deputy Prime Minister.

On January 11 the intergovernmental talks on trade and economic cooperation took place in Belgrade. Following the meeting, Rogozin said that Russia will consider Serbia’s technical bid for the supply of defensive weapons. “We will be guided by the need to provide the minimum sufficient level of security in Serbia according to its needs through the delivery of highly effective arms, not offensive, but those which could prevent any risks of attacks on Serbia,” – he said.

Vucic, in turn, said that Serbia is working to strengthen its military capabilities. “Serbia will never attack anyone, but we should be able to defend our territory and our citizens at any moment”, — TASS quoted the Minister of Serbia. Regarding the prospects of military-technical cooperation with Moscow, he said that “the Russian side in particular offered better terms than anyone else.”

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