Russian Monks at Athos Ask for Prayer Support

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

22nd January, 2016


The other day an extraordinary incident happened for all in Athos – people of the Athonite monastery of Great Lavra were closed, sealed, and locked out of the castle of the Hypatian cell at Karakallou monastery, which is located at the altitude of 700-750 meters above the sea level.  Our Russian inhabitants were, for nine years, restoring the cell almost completely destroyed in 2006. They are all spiritual children of Hieroschemamonk Raphael (Berestov).

Today, January 20th, a meeting will take place in the Cathedral between the ten elders of the Athos monastery of the great Lavra, which will decide their further destiny on mount Athos. We ask for your help with prayers from the Russian Athonite prayer books – the members of the Hypatian cell on Mount Athos: the hieromonk Pambo, monks Ambrose, Hilarion, Elijah, novice Anthony.

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This cell is a special place on Mount Athos and throughout Karakallou. The Hypatian cell prayed and lived the elder Joseph Hesychast with the brethren. Also, known throughout the Orthodox world, elders Joseph of Vatopedi, Ephraim Katunaksky, Ephraim Filofeysky – Arizonitis and other famous fathers.

Monk Ambrose – the view from his Hypatia cell in Athos

P. S. This problem has already engaged our Russian Consul in Greece…

On Mount Athos – monks of Hypatian cell love cats

Hieromonk Pambo of Athonite Hypatian cell

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