Russian-Speaking Children in Kindergartens in Kiev Forbidden From Speaking Russian


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

27th January, 2016


A friend – who is a journalist, wrote today on Facebook:

Kiev nowadays.

I went to the kindergarten to collect my little Eva. The girl said loudly to her educator “Goodbye” (in Russian). She responded “Goodbye” (in Ukrainan). I asked:

“And “goodbye” ( in Russian) can be said or not?”

“No”, replied the girl. “We are not allowed.”

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“How so?” I asked.

“We say “goodbye” (in Russian) only with parents, at home.”

“And what about “good morning” and “hello” (in Russian)?”

“No. Only “good morning” and “hello” (in Ukrainian)”.

I went to say “goodbye” (in Russian). The answer was simply: “Goodbye” (in Ukrainian).

You should understand that they say to us all, who are Russophiles, “Goodbye!” (in Ukrainian). This is Nazism. Pure Nazism.

This is the situation in regular kindergartens in Kiev. They morally rape children. Amongst themselves they speak Russian…

This is ethnocide in its purest form…

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