Russian Tourists in Turkey Warned About Being Victims of Public Executions


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

28th January, 2016


The resorts of Turkey have become dangerous and, thus, Russians should refrain from visiting the country, according to Rosturizm and Rospotrebnadzor. Russian tourism companies are strongly recommended not to sell tours to Turkey. And this de facto ban, in general, is being observed. However, some citizens of Russia, on their own initiative, continue to drive to Istanbul, Ankara or even buy a voucher for Turkish resorts through foreign tour operators, for example, in Minsk.

In this regard, the Federal Agency for tourism (Rosturizm), on January 27th, released some very very disturbing information. The information makes it clear what menaces await Russians in Turkey.

“According to competent authorities, leaders of the international terrorist organization ISIS (banned in Russia) plan to take hostages from groups of Russian citizens residing in the Republic of Turkey,” stated the message of the Federal Tourism Agency. “According to available information, the hostages can be taken to territories controlled by insurgents who carry out public executions and use hostages as human shields in clashes with the Syrian government and the coalition forces.”

So it is clear that careless Russians, who do not listen to the warnings about the danger, can be somewhere in the market of Istanbul or Antalya, or on the beach, and be suddenly abducted and transported to Syria, to an ISIS camp. And later we will see the next terrifying video of the terrorists in which militants slit the throats of the victims. It will be announced that this is the penalty that they, especially Russians, paid, revenge for what Russian aircraft have done to ISIS. This is indicative of a bloody show that is designed to make people shudder in fear.

Rosturizm warns: “On this subject, we draw the attention of all unorganized tourists traveling to Turkey to the necessity of adopting all possible measures to ensure personal safety.”

Representatives of the Federal tourism Agency recommended that beforehand, citizens should make the coordinates known of their hotels in Turkey, where they plan to stay. And minimize trips to the resorts of the country and travel beyond them.

These recommendations are reasonable.

But, of course, whilst there is still a war with ISIS, Turkey will secretly protect the terrorist organization, so it is better to just not to travel to the country, and stay away from trouble.

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