Sabotage of Presidential Decrees: Grant Vladimir Putin Emergency Powers!

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

21st December, 2016


(Let’s give Putin emergency powers to save Russia, cleanse the traitors in the economic bloc, and in the Department of Education, and to change the constitution.)

The current Constitution of the Russian Federation does not give the President all necessary powers for the salvation of our country. The public authorities are sabotaging the decrees of the President.

On January 19th 2016, saboteurs of Presidential decrees in the Duma rejected a draft bill to introduce a penal code for the non-execution of presidential decrees . The draft law on the introduction of criminal liability for failure of presidential decrees was rejected by the Parliament during a plenary session.

The authors of the bill had proposed a fine of 2 million to 3 million rubles or the salary or other income for a period of three to four years with the inability for the perpetrators for up to three years to occupy positions of state civil service. According to all-Russia people’s front, up to 40% of acts of the President remain unfulfilled, including the “May” decrees of 2012.

According to the bill, it was proposed to introduced criminal responsibility for Federal civil servants and to civil servants of subjects of the Russian Federation for non-execution and improper execution of decrees, orders and instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, if it entailed essential infringement and legitimate interests of citizens, organizations, society or the state.

In addition to fines, the authors suggested to punish by deprivation of the right to occupy certain posts for the term of up to three years.

On economic sanctions

The free encyclopedia Wikipedia reads:

Economic sanctions (include trade sanctions and financial penalties) are prohibitive economic measures that are used by one member of the international trade (the country or group of countries) in relation to another party (“the object of sanctions”) in order to force the latter to change policy.

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The objectives of sanctions:

  1. Policy change by sanctioning the country in a limited area.
  2. Regime change with the secondary aim of changing the policy of the sanctioned country.
  3. Cessation of hostilities.
  4. The destruction of the military potential of the country.
  5. Changes in other important aspects of the policy of the sanctioned country.



  • For 12 years Putin has increased the budget of Russia 22 times, military spending – 30 times, GDP – 12 times (Russia jumped from 36th place in the world by GDP to 6th place).
  • Increased international reserves 48 times!
  • Returned 256 mineral deposits to  Russian jurisdiction (left back 3!).
  • Severed “liberalism” in the history of the agreement on production sharing.
  • Nationalized 65% of oil industry and 95% of gas and many other industries.
  • Raised the industry and agriculture (Russia for 5 years in a row has taken 2-3 place in the world by grain exports, overtaking the US, currently in 4th place).
  • Increased average salaries in the public sector of 18.5 times in 12 years, while the average pension – 14 times.
  • Well, a small thing: Putin (he) lowered extinction of the population of Russia from 1,5 million persons a year in 1999 to 21 thousand in 2011, i.e. 71,5 times.
  • In addition, Putin canceled the Khasavyurt agreement – then defended the integrity of Russia, gave publicity to NGOs –  forbade deputies of 5th column to have accounts abroad, defended Syria, stopped the war in Chechnya. Had paid the huge external debt of about 400 billion dollars.
  • Arranged the best win the history of the world of the Olympics.
  • Returned Crimea!

It follows the above that the purpose of economic sanctions against Russia is to force her to change her political course, i.e. to stop the revival and development of the country and to destroy everything that was able to be recovered over the years of Putin’s rule.


Decrees to sabotage the President by government authorities, and the current Constitution of the Russian Federation, does not allow the President all necessary powers for the salvation of our country.

In connection with this requirement, the procedure provided by the law “on state of emergency” urgently provides emergency power to President Vladimir Putin.

In the Russian Federation, the state of emergency is introduced by the President in circumstances stipulated by the Federal Constitutional Law “On States of emergency”, with immediate notification to the Federation Council and the State Duma.

(In connection with sabotage of directives of the president by agencies of the government power, let’s give Putin emergency powers to save Russia.)
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