Sequel to Kiev Nightclub Russian Pilot Execution Scheduled for February

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

12th January, 2016


The Kiev nightclub ‘BarHot’, where a staged “execution” of the Russian pilot of su-24 shot down by Turkish air force in the skies over Syria took place during a Christmas party, plans to repeat the same show, said the Director of the institution Oleg Magaletskiy in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

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“If our country will end the military conflict, the necessity of these actions will disappear. Therefore it’s slightly subliminal. If the situation were to drag on, we have plans for another “bloodthirsty dance” in February, said Magaletskiy.

He also noted that this instance of the “execution” of the pilot is the fourth production of its kind in the bar.

As was emphasized by Magaletskiy on the radio, the “execution” of the Russian pilot is an “extraordinary provocation, it is a conscious step, art to cause a resonance, the effect is negative”. The action, according to him, was a satirical look at the relationship between Russia and Ukraine.

The controversial video of the mock “execution” of the Russian pilot, who was killed after a Turkish military aircraft in the skies over Syria shot down a Russian su-24, was posted on YouTube on December 29th. So far this incident has not seen legal action from Kiev.

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