Serbian Director Kusturica: Too Bad Yugoslavia didn’t Get S-400 from Putin

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January 7, 2016


Translated by Kristina Rus for Fort Russ

Belgrade, Djuro Bilbija

Famous Serbian film Director Emir Kusturica fears that the world will be embroiled in a major war, reports Politnavigator correspondent from Belgrade.

According to Kusturica, Russia and Vladimir Putin will settle the situation in Syria before May and will give back the Syrians the right to decide whether to keep Assad or choose someone else.

Stressing that the Turks, taking aim at the Su-24, were just contractors, Kusturica said:

“I wish God would allow Putin to appear earlier, so we could with him, during the civil war in Yugoslavia, decide if we want ‘democracy’ which we cannot stand, or a political system with which we could fight. In modern language, either you have S-400, or you don’t. Putin will help us find the balance and not shy away at the mention of the words “justice” and “truth”. Russian President preaches the difficult truth that the entire planet is paying a high price for conveniences, in which the West bathes,” – said the director.

Kusturica is convinced that the fate of Europe in 2016 will be in the hands of the same forces that erase its identity and the West will not reconcile with the fact that Siberian oil fields are not owned by Shell and other Western companies. For English neocon leaders, for most French and German, Turkey will continue to play a role of a suitable option to stop the penetration of Russians into Europe. We are talking about energy penetration.

Regarding the political course of Serbia Kusturica has the following position: “I have nothing against Europe, since I consider myself a white European, but I vote for neutral, from a military standpoint, Serbia. Vucic, who led a balanced foreign policy so far, is facing big temptations”.

Regarding further escalation of migration crisis in the EU he had this to say: “The crisis continues, it did not arise on its own, but was cooked in some kitchen. If I’m wrong, then why the refugees from Syria, which is systematically destroyed as Yugoslavia, will not remain in Turkey, or why Saudi Arabia will not provide them with two to three million tents? Christians inhabiting the Middle East from the time of the birth of Christianity, are now facing the threat of extinction,” – says Kusturica.

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