Sociopath Media Report: Foreign Policy FUBAR

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By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

12th January, 2016

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Like most days watching a social network stream whizz by, one does not have to wait long before something so unbelievably stupid presents itself. On the 11th of January, Michael Weiss provided the entertainment for us all, a welcome distraction from the Madaya mess:

For those not aware, Michael Weiss’ outfit, Interpreter Magazine, has been merged with an official U.S government asset – Radio Free Europe:

Moving on to the piece that Weiss is promoting, posted on the website of the Council on Foreign Relations proxy, Foreign Policy Magazine:

Russia Bombs Offices of American NGO in Syria, Says Group



We can already see from the title that it is an attempt to tell Russia what they are and are not bombing. The first issue we have is why is there an American NGO office in the Takfiri stronghold of Idlib? We have Latakia, Hama, Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra, and countless other towns and cities that one may have heard about through various reports. So why Idlib? The same Idlib that the West claims is ‘liberated’ from Assad’s tyranny:

Does the school shown above look liberated to you? No! It looks like what it is – a Jaish al-Fatah stronghold.

So anyway, they admit Idlib is ‘rebel held’. Next up, they say the claim is from an “American advocacy organization“. What on earth is that? No further details are given, surprise surprise. It then hyperlinks to a Reuters article, which cries ‘Russia is bombing civilians’ until it soils its diaper. Thus far, we have an unnamed “organziation” and a Reuters article for sources. God help us. Next up, is the dead horse being beaten into a pulp – “Russia ISN’T bombing ISIS but the Pentagons expensive ‘rebels'”. Well, Putin soon sorted that one out, by going to the UN and placing initially al-Nusra on the terrorist list, and then later on Ahrar al-Sham and dozens of others. 

They then try to link Russia to the word that the U.S use incessantly – “Intervention“. What that essentially does is dismiss the existence of International Law, because the US and Russia are both ‘Intervening’, and thus are both ‘legit’ through the eyes of an American.  



The next section falls flat on its face after the first comma – “Syrian Emergency Task Force“. This little NGO is headed by none other than John McCain’s pet rat Mouaz Moustafa:

Rule of thumb – words like ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ are call signs for Zionism

A reminder about Mouaz Moustafa:

Mouaz Moustafa with Michael Weiss
Mouaz Moustafa with ISIS’ press officer and John McCain

Self Explanatory

War Criminal

Vietnam Terrorist

So basically, anything to do with Mouaz Moustafa is 100% linked to Wahhabi terrorism. The sentence that follows about “humanitarian aid” is laughable considering what has been seen in Madaya the past few days. Note how a “Pentagon official” found it “unusual and hard to believe” – they know they can only go so far with this because Matt Lee or RT’s Gayane Chichakyan will only embarrass the State Department in a future briefing. 

And of course – the “official” speaks “Anonymously” – surprise, surprise. 

We then see the name “Evan Barrett“. A quick google shows him being a writer for ‘Al Arabiya’ – one of the most aggressive Wahhabi propaganda machines alongside Al Jazeera. 



Logically we could say that Mouaz Moustafa and Evan Barrett could have just smashed up a random place and claimed Russia bombed it. The pictures prove absolutely nothing. But hey, let’s put some books there to make out that it was an educational institute (subliminal programming of the image of children studying). 



The final section mentions the man in Halifax, England who has never visited Syria before – also known as the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”. He thinks Russia is bad for bombing an area where Terrorists are, despite Putin okaying these areas (via the groups residing in them) with the UN. 

Now we see the true purpose of this article – to disrupt Russia’s momentum at the negotiation table. Putin has systematically destroyed the hardcore opposition in Syria, with the leaders of Jaish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham being the most recent casualties. Al Qaeda in Syria are a #1 priority for not only Putin, but Assad too, as they still have the ability and logistics to strengthen, ISIS do not and are losing territory rapidly. The UN, as corrupt as they are, will laugh this article out of the building. “Anonymous officials” and phony NGO’s are not going to cut it anymore. 

As a side note, Riad Hijab is a hardcore Salafi lunactic who ‘defected’ from Syria to Jordan. He has absolutely no gravitational pull in any peace talks aside from his oversized stomach. 

In conclusion, this piece just uses the cut and paste formula that the State Department has been using since day 1 (Sarin Hoax) – using proxies on the ground to stage something, and then using the Oligarch media agencies to whip up a frenzy, hoping the UN fall for it. 

The Military Industrial Complex and the Mass Media is all that is left of the U.S empire. Both are becoming more blunt by the day, which is bad news for their head-chopping Takfiris.

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