Sovereignty and the Illusion of Independence


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

20th January, 2016


By Anton Haschenko

Perhaps for many it’s not much of a secret that the sovereignty of the vast majority of European States, at least in terms of foreign policy, is largely declarative in nature.

This happened not today, but yesterday, it is dictated by the mass of objective factors (including, apparently, the one of which I will mention below), and was evident in recent decades and completely unfavourable for these countries to go to war in support of the American democratic interventions,  which has resulted in hordes of migrants on the streets of European cities, and to again introduce anti-Russian sanctions that permanently deprive Europe of a fundamentally important geopolitical partner in Russia, potentially allowing them to, if they refuse to defy the will of Washington, at least to conduct political bargaining.

However, if before the political elites “behind the Berlin wall” were able to maintain at least some illusion of independence from overseas partners, afterwards, certain events have to be considered in principle.

Some time ago, thanks to the revelations of Snowden, the world learned about the long time tapping of European leaders and businessmen by the American NSA. According to the German newspaper Bild, in Germany alone there were hundreds of political and economic leaders involved, including Angela Merkel. It seemingly created a diplomatic row at an incredible level, but this test of strength (read — presence of sovereignty) was not passed by Europe.

The same Merkel was limited to only a statement at the EU summit, that she does not expect and does not insist on an apology from the United States, but “words alone” in any case, will not be enough — “change is needed”.

After that, judging by everything that happened, the only change she made was replacing her phone.

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Just imagine — taking advantage of the fact that you are distracted, your neighbour puts “bugs” and cameras in your apartment, and afterwards, they watch, how you ate, drank, swam, did something with the other half at night. I wonder, what would be your reaction after what was concealed is eventually revealed. Will you continue to share food and a home with this man?

I believe that only in the event if you depend on it so much that you cannot behave any other way (have no choice), but even then you will try not to be quiet.

But if we assume that, by watching you, your neighbour knew something that can be used as blackmail, then it is checkmate.

Also in the case of NSA spying — there is no guarantee that, having learnt powerful secrets about influential people of the EU during the course of years of wiretapping, the USA have not received any new cards and already have nothing to beat. Of course, to say this with absolute guarantee, not having hard evidence, is impossible, but at least it explains the situation with the mute reaction of the European establishment to the blatant arrogance and disrespect on the part of officials in Washington.

To some it may seem that it is only the case of the past days and generally a single case proves nothing. That’s the only information, which, by the way, absolutely calmly, as if nothing strange is happening, was said a few days ago by the British Telegraph, who suggested that history does not repeat itself, it generally does not exist for the European politicians and officials.

What is this all about, exactly? What about this:  Someone please tell the reputable journalists in cloudy England, Peter Foster and Matthew Holehouse, that the Director of National intelligence of the USA, James Clapper, received a request from Congress to check the secret financing by Russia of European parties over the past decade.

The reason for it was stated as concern in Washington over Moscow’s intentions to use the disunity of Europe to undermine NATO, to block American missile defence programmes and to abolish the regime of economic sanctions against Russia as punishment for Crimea.

How would the White house and Capitol hill would react if the intelligence services of Germany, or France or, for example, Russia has unilaterally begun to carry out any investigation on the territory of the U.S, and at the same time openly stated that its aim was to prevent the reduction in the level of its geopolitical influence in this country and to improve its relationship with a third party? Naturally, mental thunder and lightning, and this reaction will be completely justified and understandable, for such an act is simply disrespectful and a violation of international law.

Actually, any other country in the world who has real, not declarative, sovereignty, including, by the way, our country, would react that way.

However, in Europe, on this occasion, there was only peace and grace. As was sang in the early 1990’s by the group Kar-man, “All is quiet in Baghdad…”.

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