Syrian Army Take Control of Rabia, Latakia

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

24th January, 2016


“Exterminate All Alawites”

LifeNews has obtained photos from the Syrian town of Rabia, which is now mostly captured by the government forces of Syria. It is assumed that the killers of the Russian pilot lurk in this city.

“The city is taken. At this point is the sweep in Rabia, the mine clearance operations. The Syrian army is tightening its forces. The assault force can’t stay in the city because they need to continue operations against militants in the North-East, towards the area of Kessab,”  the special correspondent of LifeNews was told. In the near future the city will become a reinforcement, for government troops to hold the fort and lead the sweep.

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Once it gets dark, the Syrian military will strengthen its position outside the walls.

Initially, after the capture of several villages, government forces took a short break. Then the terrorists seemed to stop the battle and the attack stopped, however, after an hour, the Russian Air Force and Syrian Air Force struck a powerful blow to the positions of the fighters.

Note that the town of Rabia was lost in 2013, when it was captured by the group “Jabhat al-Nusra”, which consisted of a Turkish division under the command of Sultan Salima. It was controlled by the militants that gave media interviews about the murder of the Russian pilot.

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