Syrians? What Syrians!?

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by Samer Hussein for Fort Russ

13th January, 2016

Recently, we’ve often been hearing the news about various people of alleged Syrian background, carrying out the acts of violence and terrorism throughout Europe. While it’s true that some of the Syrian citizens indeed took up arms against their army and have committed crimes before eventually being forced to flee to Turkey where they were first sheltered and later sent to Europe, we must absolutely not ignore the fact that majority of the people who carrying “Syrian” passports and have entered Europe by boats in the last five months, are not even Syrians. Rather, they are Islamic extremists from Middle East, Asia and Europe, some of whom even brought even entire families with them (Uyghurs are a good example) and have been waging jihad in Syria against its army and its citizens. Because the Syrian army is constantly having gains and victories, the terrorists sooner or later had to flee Syria to Turkey, from where the majority of them also entered Syria. As we all know the terrorists in Syria (both, foreign and domestic) are supervised by the Turkish authorities. 

Mail Online journalist Nick Fagge, pictured, obtained passport for £1,300 

But now let’s ask ourselves the very important question: how do we define the Syrian passport?

I say this because since January 2012, majority of all EU memberstates (including the countries affected by mass rape and terrorism) consider the so-called Syrian “opposition” as the sole legitimate political representative of the Syrian state and its people. As we all know that very same so-called “opposition” are printing their own passports with slightly different state symbols (notice the three stars in the coat of arms instead of two) in Qatar. Given the politics, could these be considered the Syrian passports by the mass media? Or maybe is it the fake Syrian passports that are being given to ISIS and other terrorists by Turkish authorities prior to entering Syria?

The false and fabricated news about Syrian people raping and murdering the people in Europe en masse and which are being spread by the mass media outlets, have already caused some inconvenience to the small Syrian community in Europe, otherwise known for being one of the very few Middle Eastern communities that is known for being well integrated and causing no trouble. The other day the Syrian Christian who has been living in Europe for decades and has never ever had any problems before, complained that her family were assaulted by locals for being Syrians, perhaps even by the same people who like millions of other Europeans share 7-years old photos from Afghanistan that allegedly represent the starvation in Madaya. The people are unfortunately too ignorant to know the truth and are blindly following the lies of the corporate media. 

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The particular crisis has also revealed another thing: the complete failure of immigration policies, adopted by most EU memberstates. The corrupted politicians are now trying to sweep their deeds under the carpet and at the expense of the Syrian people. As if the staunch support for the so-called armed “opposition” and their islamist allies and the sanctions against Syria did not harm us already, we, the ones who have in recent years, if not decades, paid the highest price, both in terms of civilians and the military/security casualties to islamic terrorism, are now becoming its synonym.

A lot of people are now brainwashed and believe that we are some sort of a center for all islamic terrorism there is, while at the same time, they are ignoring what is actually going on in their own soil (and diplomatic circles). Take a look at London for example. In some areas, it is forbidden to drink alcohol or consume the non-halal food. This is, for example, not the case with Damascus. 

Where were all these masses back in 2012 when people from their own cities were blowing themselves up throughout Syria? Where were they when Maaloula, one of the earliest Christian places in the world where the language of Christ is still being spoken; was in the paws of the terrorists? Oh, they were relaxing on the beaches of Turkey, that very same Turkey that helped the terrorists enter Syria through its territory and is now sending them to Europe to commit even more rape and murder. 89% of all the terrorists that have either fallen or have been captured on the ground in Syria, turned out to be non-Syrians. At the same time only about 8% people who have entered European soil by boats in the last 5 months, are said to be Syrians. 

Saudi and ISIS ideologies are remarkably similar

The people of Europe need to wake up. The current crisis is the result of flawed and far too liberal immigration policies as well as strong economic and diplomatic ties to certain states (namely Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the “medieval” kingdom that is in many aspects similar to ISIS – notice the public executions).

And for that the politicians are to blame, of course, not the Syrians.


Samer Hussein is a Syrian living in Slovenia. A law graduate, he has a vast interest in history and geopolitics, particularly of the Middle East.

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