Donbass: The French delegation sees the horror

Screen capture from video below

In DONiPRESS, January 19, 2016

Translated from French by Tom Winter

We are with the French delegation on the streets of Donbass, January 12, 2016. We’re looking into Debaltsevo and Uglegorsk, two cities especially hard hit by Ukrainian bombardments.  The delegation is visibly shocked, and I no less even though, over my time here, seeing it has gotten habitual. But how to acclimate to the sorrows of the civilian populations of the Donbass?  

The issue before the international tribunal that will take  place one day in Europe to judge the Ukrainian war criminals and the responsible polititicans, and even the media, will find themselves on the financial question: Who is going to pay?

Because as you go by, the unbelievable totals of destruction, the gutted and blown apart houses, the ruined infrastructure, schools, hospitals, power plants, bridges, airports, and airstrips, churches, monasteries, cemeteries, signs, utility poles, various equipment, buses, cars, trucks, villas, pipes, not to mention the territories mined in the extreme, the soil riddled with unexploded ordnance, cluster munitions fired by Ukrainians though forbidden, nature itself insulted to the point that it is dangerous to walk in the forest to collect mushrooms or hunt.

 With the French delegation: Jacques Clostermann, son of the legendary pilot of Free France; Josy-Jean Bousquet, lawyer and President of lawyers of the League of Human Rights as well as his wife, a Moroccan citizen, we went on the roads of Donbass through Uglegorsk and Debaltsevo, to meet citizens who survived the fighting, before arriving at their contact, winter reality of Donbass and destruction

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The destruction is appalling and those responsible are Ukrainians, and the bosses in Kiev. And one day there will have to be court-granted compensation not only to the authorities of Donbass, but also to the many many citizens and individuals who have lost a house, an apartment, or any material good.

At Debaltsevo, residents of Donbass talk about the behavior of the Ukrainian soldiery, “they were constantly drunk, shooting in all directions, throwing grenades anywhere. They looted and took whatever they wanted, phones, microwave ovens, refrigerators. It was unthinkable.

“Near Debaltsevo was a beautiful holiday center, but soldiers smashed everything inside before leaving, even to the point of smearing excrement on the walls.

” They were breaking and destroying for fun, I saw with my own eyes tanks open fire on civilian buildings, like that, for fun. They took care like the Germans in 1943 and 1944 to destroy everything they could before their departure, particularly civil infrastructure, power, energy facilities, gas stations, and everything that was within their reach. “

This disgusting behavior, that has shown up elsewhere in the words of French supporters of brown Ukraine, is visible everywhere in the Donbass. The issue before the court will not only be to condemn war criminals, politicians, military leaders, journalists and propagandists, and foreign volunteers who have dipped their hands in blood, to time in prison, but also to decide wide compensation so that the Donbass can rebuild, so that seniors can be compensated for their unpaid retirement, and pensions of officials and individuals of Donbass, not to mention the pensions of war wounded, civilians or military, or pensions for widows and orphans of the war. 

IMF, US, European Union and therefore through the first and the last, France itself, have financed this war by supporting the Ukrainian army, sending war material, and money, lots of money. After their funding the crime, we will have to force all these governments, states and institutions to finance the reconstruction and the peace. 

Though the money will not replace the dead, will not erase the pain and sorrows, at least there will be justice in that the guilty pay the bill. Through getting France tied in to the spiral of support for the war, in the whirlwind of economic sanctions against Russia, the French have, with their income laundered, I assure you have not finished paying for this war, and if they aren’t even aware of anything yet, it’s because the Omerta and silence of the French media have kept the crimes under wraps.

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