“To the Last Drop of Blood” – Female Battalions Defending their Country in Damascus

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

27th January, 2016

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In the ranks of the Syrian troops are brave women fighting. The militants in the occupied territories are extremely harsh towards the female population: they are either taken as a slave, or killed. That’s why the arrival of young girls volunteers in Bashar’s army is continual (uninterrupted). There is not any favouritism.

The girls are prepared for military service in a special training camp. There are four female units: medical, staff, communications and snipers. There girls have rifles and machine guns, and the main task is to work at checkpoints, and patrolling major cities, including Damascus.

In this battalion of about 120 women of different ages, most of them are holding weapons for the first time. After a month of intense training they will have learnt how to provide medical assistance and to how to handle a gun. Then the girls will go to the front.

Currently, the best total 900 Syrian girls, one of the women’s battalions is called “the Lioness of defense”. Syrian girls are fighting under the slogan “For Syria until the last drop of blood”.

The barracks of the women  are not different from men: a few rows of bunk beds, impeccably dressed bed. The only exception is the pink shoes, standing next to heavy ankle boots.

In the beginning this kind of neighborhood seemed unusual for servicemen, but at wartime the jokes rapidly came to an end, because only veritable soldiers are able to fight for the liberty of country.

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