Transcarpathia Urges Creation of Battalion to Fight Right Sector


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

16th January, 2016


The former head of the Transcarpathian militia, Viktor Rusin, has proposed the establishment of a battalion in the field of self-defense to protect against the “Right Sector”.  He wrote about this on Facebook:

“Unfortunately, in our native Transcarpathia a showdown once again took place with the participation of activists of the Right sector, again in the period of tourists’ stay.

Like the 11th July 2015, today’s events in January of RS have created two points of view among the people. I understand that there are supporters of RS both overt and covert, supporting actions of RS, so there are opponents.

I want to express my personal opinion on these events.

If we want our country to be equated to the state of Somalia, we’ll get there. If we go to European States, the leadership of the state must take the tough political decision to disarm all illegal armed groups. It should be taken at a meeting of the national Security Council and implemented by all security agencies.

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All activists who want to continue to carry a weapon to offer units in law enforcement, or the army, who do not agree on a month of the voluntary surrender of weapons, who fail to surrender, should attract prosecution.

When statements are made by RS on the establishment of new battalions, and no one in the state does anything about it, then such cases will be in each area on a weekly basis. The events in January in Transcarpathia should not be commented on by the Moskal Governor, it’s not his level, it’s the press service of the regional police’s level.

If the police fail to protect people from the lawlessness of armed gangs, I think that soon it will be necessary to create a self-defense battalion of the Transcarpathian region, who will work for the protection and safety of residents and visitors in the area.

In no civilized country of the world are there illegal armed formations, in other words there it’s just called a gang.”

Victor Rusin from March 2010 until December 2012 was chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zakarpattye area. 

From the comments on Carpathian sites:

“This type of Crimean self-defense is from the Bandera-fascists ?? Can self-defence in Transcarpathia soon be organized, a referendum following the example of Crimea?”

“Just wanted to say about “self-defense” in Crimea and the Donbass in February…March 2014, so even if they’re armed, against whom are they using weapons against? Yesterday on Russian TV – RTR, TVC, Russia 1 and 24, like before for the events at Mukachevo, in each segment of news talked about the conflict in Transcarpathia with “Right Sector”.”

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