Turchynov: “Russia Wants to Break Into Kiev and Drown It in Blood”


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

29th January, 2016


Top officials of Ukraine have today published an appeal to the people on the occasion of the day of heroes of Kruty  — the anniversary of the events of 1919, when the head of the ensconced Ukrainian separatists in Kiev threw untrained students against the advancing troops of the Bolsheviks.

They “courageously stood in the way of the hordes of Moscow-Bolsheviks, who went to Kiev,” said Poroshenko’s statement.

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According to him, the fight, lost by Ukrainians, took away  time from the Bolsheviks, “They made it possible for the government of the UPR for the first time in more than 150 years to achieve international recognition of Ukraine in the negotiations at Brest”.

But the Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov, made a more straightforward statement — instead of the “horde of Moscow,” he spoke about the “Russian army” that sought to destroy everything Ukrainian.

“In 1918, four brave young men — students of the Cossacks and “Free Cossacks”, — entering into an unequal battle, stopped the ten times more powerful Russian-Bolshevik army of Mikhail Muravyov, who was in Kiev under the slogan of “Death to the bourgeoisie and the Ukrainians!”…

They managed, for four days, to stop the attack of the enemy, but despite all their efforts, Kiev was captured. There were rivers of blood, murder of the Ukrainian language, total looting – that’s what the capital got from the Russian aggressors.

Then, one of the execution sites was Mariinsky Park. Less than a century ago, in the same Mariinsky Park, two worlds again collided: armed criminals and patriotic youth, who were aware that there was nobody else but them to defend Ukraine…

Again, like then, the enemy wants to deprive us of our freedom and independence. Again the enemy wants to invade Kiev and destroy all who will not kneel. But, unlike 1918, we have been able to stop the aggressor and save the country,” said Turchynov.

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