Turkish firms banned from activities in Russia

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January 4th, 2016

Press TV / Fort Russ

Russia has expanded its economic sanctions against Turkey

to further punish Ankara for downing its bomber aircraft last 


The new measures prohibit Turkish companies from constructing buildings as well as operating tourism agencies in Russia. The restrictions also ban Turkish firms from activities in architecture, forestry, and timber processing. The ban that takes effect from first of January will also suspend the visa-free regime for Turkish citizens and forbids Russian businesses to hire Turkish nationals. The new sanctions do not affect contracts currently in place. Russia cancelled its joint energy projects with Turkey and banned some food imports right after the shooting down of its aircraft over the Syrian airspace.

Flores explains some of the thinking behind the Russian bans. They are not aimed to be final or overly punitive. The normal course of prudence suggests that reactions and responses should be as minimal as possible, provided that they are effective.  A number of tangentially related concerns must be addressed simultaneously. It is important that Russia still has room to maneuver, that the sanctions are not too severe, and that the US’s plans to isolate Russia from Turkey entirely are not successful.  The measures are aimed at still providing the future possibility for rapprochement. 

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