U.S Closes 5 Russian Consuls in Retaliation


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

23rd January, 2016


The U.S have closed the honorary Russian Consulate in five of its States in response to the closing of the American center in Moscow, reports Interfax on Friday, January 22nd, referring to the Press-Secretary of Embassy of the USA in Russia, William Stevens. 

“This action was taken in response to continued Russian interference in our diplomatic consular activities in Russia, including, but it does not change anything, the widespread harassment of our staff,” said the Agency in the American Embassy.

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The U.S. withdrew accreditation from five of the six honorary consulates in the USA: California, Utah, Minnesota, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

These steps will not affect our official mission, said Stevens.

The Foreign Ministry has already expressed outrage over the revocation of accreditation.

Russia is exploring all options for a response to American actions, reports RIA Novosti, citing the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in the USA Yury Melnik.

Currently, he said, the only honorary Consul of Russia is in Colorado.

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