US fought the secular regimes, and then the Islamists came to power: to save Europe, rehabilitate Russia!

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Francesco ALBERONI
In Il Giornale, January 17, 2016

Translated from Italian by Tom Winter, January 21, 2016

Original headline and lead-in: Rehabilitate Russia to save Europe.
Europeans are working to reconnect Moscow and the US. Only then will IS be defeated.

In 1979 when Khomeini was coming to power in Iran, I made a trip in the US colleges to see how my fellow sociologists and political scientists were studying the revitalization of Islam.

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I realized that in many Islamic countries had a great collective anti-western Islamist movement was in progress, but I found no one who was dealing with it. And when I told them that in the twentieth century there had been communism, fascism, Nazism, and that now it was Islamism that was exploding, they looked at me in some shock. 

In following years the Americans fought the secular regimes of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad and they later realized that after they had won, that it was the Islamists who took power. 

They tried to fight them with the help of the Arab countries, but with the ones who actually were arming and financing them. So the great collective Islamist movement, after Iran, has effectively conquered Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and has infiltrated Turkey, Indonesia, Africa; is threatening Saudi Arabia, and is penetrating into Europe. 

And Americans are powerless.

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