U.S & Russia Are Preparing Public Opinion for the Partition of Ukraine

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th January, 2016

Alexandr Rogers

As you know, Hollywood is a factory for American propaganda, which very often serves the needs of the U.S. Department of State. In particular, it is perfectly visible in all the James Bond movies, where the main enemies are in turn Germans, Russians, Chinese, Arabs, and then agin Russians and Chinese.

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The State Department chooses whoever becomes the main villains in Hollywood action movies, thus forming the opinions of slow-witted American citizens, badly distinguishing reality and fiction.

The series is no exception, and since Washington for the last twelve years is at war against some Arab countries, very few American political or detective series that have been made in the last few years are without an appearance of Islamic terrorists. Some TV shows, like “Homeland”, are entirely devoted to the propaganda of how all Muslims are dreaming to blow up the U.S. via atomic bomb or to arrange another mass extermination of burger eaters.

So due to shifts of accents in a Hollywood TV series it is quite possible to judge the shift of vectors and priorities of U.S. foreign policy.

And here, literally in recent days, two top American TV series, “Elementary” and “Madam Secretary” shows the Kiev regime as dictatorial, and its militants as terrorists. And if in “Elementary” Ukrainian militants-murderers appear for the first time, in the second series the Kiev regime has been falling in the mud for quite some time and consistently, and “the President of Ukraine Michael Bozik”, they predict him to be hanged on Michaylovskaya square.

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CBS. Элементарно. 4 сезон 9 серия (24.01.2016) Якась зрада зрадська. Продолжение тут https://www.facebook.com/dudenko.anderey/posts/1065946413456080

Posted by Андрей Дуденко on Monday, January 25, 2016

The funny thing is the interpretation of Ukrainian events in “Madam Secretary”. Supposedly good and innocent, the U.S. wanted to help the young Ukrainian democracy to resist Russian aggression, but there was no aggression, and all the evil plans of “the usurper” Poroshenko Bozik, who, due to blind Russophobia, wanted to play USA off against Russia.

Thus the United States has to explain to their citizens why they left Ukraine. And, by the way, after such events I have serious doubts that the Pig will be able to escape to the US when the time comes; someone has to be labelled the culprit, and the candidate is already chosen.

And then there’s Putin, who said at a ONF forum that the Donbass region was attached to Ukraine wrongly by mistake.

The Russians, too, are preparing public opinion, just in a different way, not so “prominently” as Americans.

You can say that everything is random, but I don’t believe in chance, especially in politics. And I think that Putin caused the “lame duck” Obama to cave in. The details of this process, possibly, will be discussed and refined, but the overall result is a little predictable.

By the way, in the TV series “Madam Secretary”, Moscow is allegedly planning the invasion of WESTERN Ukraine. That means the South, East and Centre are already ours?

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