U.S. Treasury Department Accuses Putin of Corruption


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

25th January, 2016


The U.S. Treasury Department has accused the Russian President Vladimir Putin of involvement in corruption schemes. This statement was made in an interview with the BBC by an official of the Agency, Adam Shubin, responsible for sanctions against Russia.

He stressed that the United States “for many years” knew about the involvement of the Russian President in corrupt practices.

The BBC notes that previously, the U.S. government has imposed sanctions against Putin’s entourage, but for the first time is accused of corruption by the head of the Russian state.

“We saw how he (Putin) enriches his friends and closest allies, and marginalised those who were not his friends and doesn’t occupy a public office. No matter whether it is about Russian energy or other government contracts, he gives it to those who, in his opinion, will serve him, and excludes those who doubt. For me it is corruption,” — said Shubin.

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However, he declined to comment on the secret CIA report of 2007, in which there was a speech about how the President of Russia makes more than $40 billion. However, Putin, in the opinion of the representative of the Ministry of Finance of the USA, managed to concentrate considerable wealth.

“He allegedly receives official state salary in the region of 110 thousand dollars per year. But this is not the exact indicator of an individual’s wealth. For many years he worked on different ways to hide their condition,” added Shubin.

In turn, Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told the BBC that “none of these questions requires a response, because they are pure fiction”.

Shubin’s interview was included in the documentary “the Secret of Putin’s wealth”, which will be shown on BBC One at 20:30 UK time (23:30 Moscow time). As was noted by the TV channel, Putin himself refused to participate in the film.

The BBC journalists also managed to communicate with sources that claim to know how Putin hides his wealth. Indeed, the former head of Sovcomflot, Dmitry Skarga, told the TV station that he oversaw the transfer to Putin of the yacht “Olympia” from Roman Abramovich for $37 million.

According to Skarga, the yacht was handed over to Putin via an offshore company. “Current expenses of the yacht were paid from the Russian budget”, — the interlocutor told the BBC, noting that the yacht belonged to Putin, and not the state.

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