Was a Russian Girl Raped for 30 Hours in Berlin?


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

17th January, 2016


On the site of the International Convention of Germans from Russia there is a shocking story about a 13-year-old girl from a family of immigrants from Russia, reports channel “Russia 24”. She explained that she was captured by no less than five young people of Arab origin, was dragged into a car and blindfolded. And then brought back to an empty apartment, where there was only one bed, and was raped for 30 hours. Then, half-dead, she was dumped in one of the Berlin’s districts.

This information has not been confirmed. The police are silent.

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The girl disappeared on the way to school at about eleven in the morning local time. Relatives confirmed that they found her a little more than a day later. The uncle of the victim said that the police did not react to the incident properly and the media is their only hope.

At the same time on social networks, in an anonymous group in Facebook, an amateur video was posted, showing a young man of Arab appearance. “Six of us raped her. She was a virgin. She screamed, cried, called us pigs. She said no more,” he says.

Earlier, one of the refugee camps in Hungary rioted with sexual overtones. Immigrants from the Middle East began to pester female cops. They called for reinforcements – her male colleagues. Eventually the ardor of migrants cooled, but soon riots broke out. The refugees pelted the guards with stones and bottles. The police used the batons.

And in Sweden the story of the murder of the schoolboy who stood up for the girl who was being molested by a migrant from the Middle East has been kept quiet. 14-year-old Mustafa al-Haj Ali molested female peers, and in response to the comment of a classmate, killed him — Arminas Pileckas.

In another European country, a migrant decided to rape the mannequin at the entrance to the women’s clothing store. Exactly where and when this happened is unknown, but in the video posted online he says a word like “Christmas”.

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