We Need a New Russia!


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

20th January, 2016


Why do we need a New Russia? The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same can be said about the country (only a fool or a traitor would deny that New Russia and Ruthenia is a part of Russia), or at least parts of the Russian World.

Therefore, Russia (or the Russian World) is not stronger than Novorossiya and Malorossiya, which is now occupied by the Kiev Nazi junta with open American assistance. Just think about it: parts of Russia or the Russian World are occupied by American lackeys!

History teaches us that borders are not eternal, especially if they are shared by people! For more than 300 years, New Russia and Little Russia were parts of Russia/USSR. Old maps from the 1700’s, 1800’s, 1900’s show these lands belonging to Russia (I don’t mean maps made after 1991, made “by special request”, according to the wishes of Washington). And here someone might ask: “Then why don’t they include the whole of the former Ukraine as part of Russia?” The answer is simple: Western Ukraine, Galicia never were parts of Russia/USSR, and up to 1945 it was part of Poland, and formerly the Austro-Hungarian Empire. People living in these lands are not Russians. Other important factors are religion and language, which should be the same as in Russia (and Belarus) and should refer to the territory of the Russian World. By the way, this explains why the Kiev Nazi junta forbids the official use of the Russian language on television and in schools — they know that the use of the Russian language proves the belonging to Russians, and not “Ukrainians”. This takes us back to the question of why Russia needs New Russia and Ruthenia, but not Galicia.

Now Russia is helping Syria (which is good), but the Kiev Nazi junta is preparing to join NATO, taking the 20 million population of the occupied Novorossia with them. The Kiev Nazi junta has successfully consolidated power in the Western and Central parts of the former Ukraine, and Moscow has lost many opportunities to do the same in New Russia. Instead of using one of their “aces” — detailing the illegality of the Kiev Nazi junta – Moscow recognized the new government! It is impossible to dream of regime change in Kiev and wait for it happen naturally! It is better to fight the forces of the Kiev Nazi junta now than later resist the forces of NATO, because they will have to fight anyway, one way or another. And without 5 million pro-Russian voters (Crimea, refugees, Donbass) Kiev Nazi junta can even “win” on his “referendum” on accession to NATO!

When considered in detail, it may seem that the plan of Poroshenko (i.e. the American Plan) is better than the Plan of Putin. But looking at the “big picture”, the absolute opposite is the case. Russia liberated Crimea. Half of Donbass is free, even if inadequate. The idea of New Russia has started and continues to grow. Russia has legal leverage against the Kiev fascist Junta with the Minsk-2 agreement, (although Russia so far has not used this possibility). None of these important facts were a reality 18 months ago!

Any country that allows someone to occupy portions of their ancestral lands fails the most important issue before the nation — the obligation to protect the people and the land where they live. In the case of Russia, it perpetuates the dangerous belief that Russia has no desire or strength to carry out its national mission, to be the home for all Russians and a leader of the Russian World (Russia, New Russia, Little Russia, Belarus, Transnistria, and Northern Kazakhstan, the Baltic States). So, we do not fight for half of Donbass and Novorossiya and Malorossiya, but for something greater — for Russia!

If the border of Odessa, Tiraspol and Dnieper is not moved, as a minimum, it will inevitably move in the other direction. Therefore, for New Russia and Little Russia — this is not just a “failed idea”, but it is also the most important part of Russia, a key moment in Russian history after 1945, as important as Poltava in 1709, the battle of Borodino in 1812, 1941 and Stalingrad in 1942/1943.

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Russia and the Russian World are not 100 oligarchs or 5000 liberal traitors. It is 200 million people who want to live together!

I end this article with a short poem called “Novorossiya”.

Countries soar and countries fall,

At the end of the ages God will judge them.

But, I know, three things will not fall —

Faith, truth and the New Russia.

Rulers come, rulers go,

But the people will forever remain his land.

And, I know, two things will never leave —

Freedom and the New Russia.

times are good, times are bad,

But the future is in our hands.

I know one thing will always be,

And this is New Russia!

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